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I'm going to support my home state. Besides, I think you can always find better deals in Washington. I ran my eyes up and down the buy instagram followers shelves, noticing many wineries I was familiar with, some winemakers I'd run into over the years, and then plenty of others that I'd never heard of. Wineries were popping up like crazy, and I couldn't keep up. I finally found what I was looking for: Red Mountain. That's where I lived and it ran through my blood. I had been raised on Red REPLACETHIS Mountain, and in a way, it had raised me. Back when I was a kid, there were no vines. I was a boy when John Williams and Jim Holmes planted the first vineyards on the mountain, back in the seventies. They yahoo came in and cleared out the tumbleweeds instagram and dug holes for irrigation and planted baby vines, and the magic of Red Mountain was discovered. The bottle I took off the shelf was a blend made by the Hedges family, who lived right up the road from me. They'd come to the Mountain in the early nineties, back when I was head banging to Pearl Jam, and within a few years, they had picked up more than one hundred acres near the top buy instagram followers of the mountain. Anne-Marie was from Champagne, France, and Tom was from right down the road in Richland, and they had done a great deal for Red Mountain and for Washington State wine in general. And they were good, honest, hardworking people making top-notch wine that was full of soul. They'd certainly taught me a lot over the years. In an almost-happy state, I grabbed two bottles of the Hedges Family Estate Red Mountain wine, paid the lady, and bid instagram her aNamaste on the way out. *** Francesca was leaning up against the back of her bed looking at the computer. She'd showered and put on an A.S. Roma T-shirt and sweatpants. Women love to get comfortable when they're not out and about. Apparently, even female soldiers were like that. It didn't occur to me until right then what kind of trouble I was asking for by introducing alcohol into this equation. I think it was my subconscious playing tricks on me, screaming to the real me: you need to get laid! What'd you get for us? she asked. I set the bags down on the desk. Vegetarian heaven. You won't believe it. Great. I would love to dive into a plate of leaves. Sounds delish. Hey, I'm looking out for you. Can I fix you a plate? instagram Sure. Or I could just stick my head out the window and nibble on some fir branches. True. Or you could go downstairs and find yourself a patch of gr to munch on. Bovine style. Tempting. I did get some wine. I have an urge to get drunk tonight. You're welcome to join me. Is that how you plan to get back in my pants? Absolutely not. I'd like those pants to stay on tight tonight. Good...because like I said, you've gotten all you're going to get. Believe me, I am in no way interested in being the reason the royal highn of Palermo gets dumped before his big wedding day. You can consider yourself safe here. Good. All business then. All business. You couldn't even tempt me if you tried. Nice try. You're extraordinarily smooth. She instagram pointed her finger toward bathroom. Go wash your hands so we can eat. I'll be right back. I prowled slowly as a lion, shaking my extraordinary derrière. Self-proclaimed, instagram of course. Dacci un taglio,